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McPeek's Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Anaheim will do a full inspection of all the moving parts of your vehicle and do a recall check scan to make sure that your vehicle is up to date software wise!

No expiration, we are here for you!

EXPIRES: 10/31/2018
19.99 Air Filter Replacement

Keep your engine clean and getting the purest air into your chamber is extremely important to the long term efficiency of your vehicle. Come down today and get your air filter changed out. With the hot air from summer and the recent fires the air has been extra dirty. Just like you clean the filter at home, you need to do the same in your second home…..your car!

EXPIRES: 09/15/2018

Often when you run the A/C it recycles the air from inside the cabin that is cooler than the warm air outside. The vehicle will then pull the air through the cabin air filter located on the inside of your car and then shoot the air back out. If this filter is not replaced on a regular basis the air in your vehicle is not going to be clean and the A/C is going to have to work twice as hard to pull in air to cool. Make sure you replace all your air filters on a regular basis.

EXPIRES: 09/15/2018

To get the absolute most out of the hard earned money you spent on your tires is to make sure that they are rotated on a regular basis. The people who make their set of tires last the longest will get them rotated during every oil change or before a long trip. Make sure to keep up on the very things that keep you stuck to the ground!

This is for all regular consumer vehicles. Trucks above 1500, commercial vehicles, and any modified vehicles will be extra. Must show coupon to the service advisor upon write up to get the discount.

EXPIRES: 09/15/2018